They are however, not similar in appearance. Marble in Michigan has more delicate crystals with a broader range of colors. It tends to have a snowy appearance. Granite in Michigan, on the other hand, has a narrower color range with more giant crystals. This makes it coarser and gives it a glinting look.

Durability of gravestones

As alluded earlier, granite in Michigan is of a higher density than Marble in Michigan. This influences the durability of the two stones, with the former being generally regarded as more durable. However, if marble countertops in Michigan are adequately sealed and placed in less cumbersome environments, they can last as long as granite.

Uses of gravestones

Since both Marble and granite in Michigan can be used for similar purposes, their unique qualities make them favorites in different uses. For example, white Marble is popularly used by sculptors in the design of fine pieces of artwork.

This is because it is relatively soft, making allowance for carving. Granite is second only to diamond concerning hardness; hence sculpturing using this stone was near impossible until the invention of steam power cutting, which opened the door to the carving of gravestones and memorials. Granite is a clear favorite in the making of kitchen granite countertops in Michigan.